Mikko Karppelin - Bass |  Sebastian Fredriksson - Guitar & Vocals |  Tommi Makkonen-Viheriälehto - Drums


Formed in Helsinki, Finland, Ceaseless Torment has been thrashing the world with their aggression since 2008. The band takes its influence from the eighties and early nineties Thrash Metal bands, and from the very beginning it was clear, that brutal and aggressive Thrash Metal was the way to go. As a fierce squad full of hate, the band has played live in over 15 countries, and toured with bands such as Nervosa and Evil Invaders. The band have released three full length albums, ’The End They Bring’ (2014), ’Forces of Evil’ (2017) and the third album ’Victory or Death’ was recorded in 2021 and released in September 2022.

”The band's aggressive, menacing, and straightforward Thrash doesn't beg for mercy…”
- Luxi Lahtinen, The Metal Crypt -

”…one is also reminded of the German and Brazilian thrash scene of the 80s in this hostile form of thrashing rage.”
- Neil Arnold, Metal Forces Magazine -

"Ceaseless Torment thrashes like it is nineteen-eighty something...”
- Lords Of Metal -

”Your neck is gonna hurt with this teutonic identity record that delivers the whole package of speed, aggression, attitude of similar eighties releases.”
- The Thrashian -



Victory or Death

- 2022 -

Final Sacrifice
Beyond the Boundaries of Sanity
All Be Dead
Killing Commands
Funeral Pyre
Only Victory or Death
Sons of Sodom
Obsession Possession
Slaves of Hell

Forces of Evil

- 2017 -

Post Homicidal Depression
Fields Covered in Blood
Scars of Desolation
Last Step Over the Line
Forces of Evil
Let the Torture Begin
Forsaken As Well

The End They Bring

- 2014 -

The End They Bring
Genocide (Spreading Your Disease)
Craving for Revenge
Apocalyptic Battle
High Mortality
Worthless World
Suffer Ceaseless Torment