Sebastian Fredriksson - Guitar & Vocals |  Tommi Makkonen - Drums |  Mikko Karppelin - Bass |  Kim Lappalainen - Guitar


Ceaseless Torment began in 2007 when Sebastian Fredriksson (guitar, vocals) and Antti Uuttu (drums) decided that forming a band was a good idea. From the very beginning it was clear that 80s brutal and aggressive thrash metal was the way to go. Sebastian and Antti recruited Tuomo Karvonen in 2008 as lead guitar, and Mikko Karppelin soon followed on bass.

The band was able to really start playing together in August 2008 when they finally got a rehearsal place. As a result of more than a year of practicing and songwriting, the band recorded their first demo "Craving For Revenge" in February 2010. The band played eleven gigs around Finland for about a year, and in April 2011 it was time to record the second demo, "New Decree of Reprobation".

Soon after the second demo, Tuomo left the band to pursue his academic interests. In October 2011 the band had their first gig abroad in St Petersburg, Russia, with Timo Ahlström (Freedomination, Horrorfeast) as guest on guitar. The following six months went by writing new material, moving to the new Ceaseless Torment HQ, and searching for a new guitarist.

In May 2012 Israel Real joined the band on lead guitar. During the following year the band played several gigs in Finland, the USA, Russia, and did a two week tour of Mexico with (Psychoparalysis).

Israel decided to quit the band in September 2013, two weeks before scheduled recordings for the forthcoming debut album. A new guitarist was found quickly. Kim Lappalainen had a week and a half to learn the songs before the band was on stage again. This was followed by the recording of the debut album and a gig in the Canary Islands in December 2013.

A new year saw Ceaseless Torment doing something they had not done before. The band released their debut album titled The End They Bring through BWK Records in February 2014. The album was quickly made available to the public as the band played in Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia. A handful of Finnish gigs followed and the year ended on a high note with a some gigs including an awesome show in Vienna, Austria.

The year 2015 went by playing gigs around Europe. In spring, the band toured Central Europe with Dying Gorgeous Lies. Total of ten shows in five countries, including; Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland. Later the same year, in autumn and winter time, the gigs were located in Northern Europe, countries like Finland, Russia and Estonia.

Following year was more of a creative one than the last few. The band spent time writing new material, and planning to record their second album. Before the planned studio sessions Ceaseless Torment played few shows in Ukraine and Russia, with the Brazilian all female Thrash Metal band Nervosa. Later the same year, the departure of drummer Antti Uuttu held back the recordings of any new material, and the search for a new drummer was ahead.

After a few month search, drummer Tommi Makkonen joined Ceaseless Torment, and the band had a full line-up again. Finally over three years wait, Ceaseless Torment entered the studio in April 2017 to record their second studio album.
The second studio album "Forces of Evil" was released on August 18th. A week after the release, the band went on a two weeks tour, total of ten shows in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, including a festival show, and eight shows as support for Brazilian Thrash Metal band Nervosa again.



The End They Bring - February 21st 2014

The End They Bring
Genocide (Spreading Your Disease)
Craving For Revenge
Apocalyptic Battle
High Mortality
Worthless World
Suffer Ceaseless Torment

Forces Of Evil - August 18th 2017

Post Homicidal Depression
Fields Covered In Blood
Scars Of Desolation
Last Step Over The Line
Forces Of Evil
Let The Torture Begin
Forsaken As Well